Tohfaa e Muhabbat Best Urdu Poetry Book 2019

Tohfaa-e-Muhabbat Urdu Poetry Book is a collection of poetry of various famous poets. You’ll enjoy this book very much.

This book Urdu Poetry Book includes the poetry of famous poets like Ameen Minai, Akbar Ala Abadi, Ehsan Danish, Akhtar Sheraani, Amjad Islam Amjad, Iftikhar Arif, Faraz Ahmad Faraz and many more…

Muhabbat ik samundar hay
k jitna bhi doobay
kinary par he rehta hay!
(Arshad Malik)

Tohfaa e Muhabbat Best Urdu Poetry Book


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Best Urdu Poetry Book Read Online.

This was Tohfaa e Muhabbat Best Urdu Poetry Book. Check out our other website for Education material.

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