Top 17 Nimra Ahmed Novels in Urdu Free Download PDF

Top 17 Nimra Ahmed Novels in Urdu

Top 17 Nimra Ahmed Novels in Urdu

Nimrah Ahmed famous Pakistani writer started writing journey from the age of 16. This is list of Top 17 Nimra Ahmed Novels in Urdu. She wrote Urdu novels Meray Khawaab Mery Jugnoo. Karakoram Ka Taj Mehal Urdu Novel is a love story that was inspired by two hill climbers from Pakistan and Turkey.

In 2011, Nemrah wrote the book Mushaf. This was a pivotal moment in her writing career. It was also published in Pakistan and India. Her Urdu novel Jannat Jay Pattay a master piece in Urdu literature began publishing in Shuaa Digest in 2012. Jannat Kay Pattay is one of the top rated novels in Pakistan.

Nimrah began writing a suspense story about heart and blood in July 2014 called Namal. Namal Urdu Novel is a modern story of a murder. She rose to the top of Pakistan’s digest writers. Nemrah broke the stereotypes and began her novel Haalim in May 2016 which is mixture of Science fiction and Politics.

Top 17 Nimra Ahmed Novels in Urdu

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